Morton McMichael Schoolyard

The proposed playground design for the McMichael Elementary School would create a new outdoor space for the students to play, interact, and grow. The design incorporates the opportunity to create an outdoor space that could be a place for learning and through a variety of engaging play experiences, promote environmental literacy. The playground would include Kompan’s unique, eco-friendly, kid-powered play equipment as well as an in-depth water management plan. It would feature solar powered umbrellas to promote sustainability while creating shade over a cafe area. A sports court at the back corner would create an area for a variety of sports such as basketball, volleyball and kickball, as well as a green area where more activities could be played such as football and soccer. A path that moves throughout the playground would promote community unity as well as overall physical and social well being.


meeting design

Playground designs were created based on input from McMichael’s own students. Through drawings and models, the students displayed their own visions for the playground and explored different ideas to create an ideal space. Using these models as inspiration, Drexel students produced final plans and schemes for the potential playground. After researching playground equipment, possible materials, and examples from other schools, they created a final design that would be a complete transformation.

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Debra Ruben, LEED AP, NCIDQ, IDEC; Associate Professor Drexel University; Project director, Lead Faculty

Faculty Support: Carol Chew


Christine Webb, Michael Patterson, Fay Leff, Shannon Prutzman, Oreoluwa A. Alaka, Rachel C. Mongeluzo, Elizabeth S. O’Brien, Michelle Sauer, Colleen M. Fitzsimmons, Desiree L. Mayer,  Lauren M. Vasserman

Student Researcher: Jessica Neilson

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